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MEDIIPRO was launched by MEDICCA PRESS, especially to focus on a very important part of Healthcare Industry, i.e. Patient Education & Visual Medical Content.

We at MEDIIPRO recognized & understood the need of Patient Education & Visual Medical Communication. Hence, we committed to contribute through excellent compliant services, in congruence with pharmaceutical companies, patients, and medical practitioners.

MEDIIPRO serves as a platform, to enable the owners of the healthcare sector, in promoting their brand in a compliant manner, with the help of products that provide information beyond the usual patient education. The outcome is thus enhanced through constant efforts to close a gap between brand marketing policies and an emotional bond between the client and consumer with exceptional quality patient education material.



With our specialties in medical content field & graphic arts, we have acquired the skills and experience to propose information in a simple & effective way. Thus, we provide consultations to our clients and provide them with an appropriate solution for effective promotion.


Each project we create is particular to the company. Till your license term is active, none of your competitors will have the same product as yours.

Client Satisfaction

We try to ensure best possible satisfaction to our clients in terms of products & services, enabling them to meet their project specific needs through our domain expertise.